Boater Info:

Boater Safety, Washington State

Washington Online Boating Safety Course and Exam

Forecasts & Discussions:

Buoys & Coastal Winds, Pacific NW Marine Data (NOAA)

Forecast Discussions, Pacific NW Marine Data (NOAA)

Sea/Waves Forecasts, Pacific NW Marine Data (NOAA)

Tide Predictions and Water Levels, Local (NOAA)

Weather, Forecast at a Glance - Nat'l Weather Service

Licensing, etc.:

Fishing & Shellfishing Licensing (WDFW)

Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife Vehicle Use Permit

Local Info:

Columbia River, more info

Columbia River Ship Report - "All About Things Maritime in the Pacific Northwest"

Lower Columbia River Water Trail Map - An online resource and interactive map that has detailed information on launch and landing sites, campgrounds, lodging on or near the river, restaurants, groceries, and sites of interest along the 146-mile Columbia River Water Trail from the Bonneville Dam down to the Pacific Ocean.

NorthWestCharm.com - online guide to the Pacific Northwest

Portland, Oregon Tourist & Vacation Information

Southwest Washington Convention & Visitors Bureau

Wildlife & More:

Bird Watching, Washington State

Fishing Reports, WDFW - WA State Fishing Reports for Region 5, SW Washington

Fishing Reports, ODFW - Oregon Recreational Fishing Reports for the Columbia Zone

Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW)

Kadow's Marina Happenings:

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