Slip Rentals

Rental Fees:

We currently have slips of varying sizes, covered and uncovered for rent. Please contact us by phone or email for current availability.

Covered Slips: per month
20′ slips $110.00
25′ slips $125.00
29′ slips $130.00
32′ slips $160.00
35′ slips $160.00
40′ slips $160.00
Uncovered Slips:
Inside slips (w/ side ties) $100.00
Inside slips (up to 20′) $110.00
Ouside slips (up to 30′) $115.00
Uncovered Slip (50′) $160.00

Reminder: If you have scheduled automatic payments, please make sure you change the amount accordingly. Also, fees for late payments have not changed. They are assessed at a rate of 1.5% on the 20th of the month.

Note: Kadow’s Marina is no longer renting slips for wooden boats [read more]

effective 3/1/2016